rich mansfield

My work has always been influenced by my life. For about 10 years now my work had been focused to somewhat unfocused on my experiences in the military. However, as of late my work has been more about boyhood; my own and that of my sons. Tying all of my work together is a hope to show some humor either through content or use of materials. I use materials to create kinetic and static sculptures consisting of fabrics, wood, metals, and various motors and electronics. Currently I am interested in fears and dangers associated with common childhood experiences, not only the fears of the participant, but also as the parent observer. This comes from being the father of two boys, and seeing their fears and excitement in new experiences, as well as my remembered ones. As to the scale of my work, in the past I have made work which was fairly large, however in recent years this has not only become cumbersome, but also impractical. I currently am working on making smaller scale work, usually about the right size to be a choking hazard. This not only allows me to ship the objects, but also makes them toy like and dangerous at the same time.